Update from HSGC Golf Course Maintenance Team: Sept. 24, 2021

Hello, everyone. As our last scheduled maintenance break of the summer comes to an end, I’d like to take a moment to let everyone peek behind the curtain, so to speak, as to what cultural practices occurred over the last 12 days. The goals for this closure included aerifying the greens to allow some air flow, which will stimulate root growth, but at the same time cause as little disruption to the putting surface as possible. This was accomplished by using smaller tines than normal at a tighter spacing. The greens responded very well to this and have healed nicely. I doubt anyone will even notice any difference in the putting surface, but the turf certainly appreciated it. The only areas that were aerified with the larger tines were the high traffic areas that receive the most cart traffic. This was performed to relieve the compaction in those areas and are mostly out of play. Fairways and approaches were top-dressed with a sufficient amount of sand. This will help smooth out the minor depressions in the surface, increase the firmness, as well as dilute some of the thatch produced by the TifTuf Bermuda grass. By top-dressing as opposed to aerifying, we are able provide higher quality playing conditions without disrupting the surface.

We rented a Skid Steer (construction vehicle) to re-shape and lower the native area at 18 tees. Unfortunately, that machine basically threw a track and was down a couple days for repairs. We will continue to work on the native area between 18 and 16 in the coming week. The work performed thus far has already greatly improved the line of sight from the rear tees and we are very optimistic about the forthcoming result. There are some areas on the course that are marked GUR (ground under repair). We have prepped these areas for sod and unfortunately it has been too wet at the sod farm for any harvests to take place. As soon as our order is delivered, these areas will be sodded. Weather has also played a factor in our pine straw delivery and we anticipate that to happen next week. Lastly, we are in the process of hiring a new Equipment Technician on our team. Tony Price and I have been turning wrenches and doing the best of our novice mechanical abilities to keep all the equipment running, but we did have some equipment go down. The large rough mower and the small top-dresser are currently on the “injured reserve” list. We should have them fixed and running this week to finish top-dressing the tees and mowing the rough. We look forward to continuing to improve the playing conditions and feel confident that we have a great season ahead of us. As always, hit ‘em straight and feel free to flag me down with any questions or comments.

Respectfully, Clinton E. Tingen Golf Course Superintendent

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