Update from HSGC Golf Course Maintenance Team: Oct. 9, 2021

Dear HSGC Members,

Along with Golf Course Superintendent Clinton Tingen's report below, I want to share with you an article from the USGA Green Section, which develops and disseminates sustainable management practices that produce better playing conditions for better golf. This article, "Labor Problems, Priorities, and Realistic Expectations," was published on Sunday, Oct. 1 and examines some of the issues that golf course maintenance teams are facing these days.

Please read the article here.

As you should be aware from Clinton's last several reports, the issue of weeds at HSGC has been an ongoing one and I am happy to report that the problem is being dealt with and you can see the results. Please read Clinton's current report below to learn about the other projects that he and his team have been working on over the past month.

Thank you,

Ron Blanchard

Green Committee Chair


Hello, everyone.

I hope the article from the USGA Green Section helps to reassure everyone that the labor issues we have been facing are not ours alone. Despite these issues, I am very proud of the effort and drive from the crew we have. We continue to actively recruit members for our Maintenance team; however we are looking for the ‘right’ candidates to add to the team. We will continue to strive to improve the golf course each day and provide the excellent golfing conditions that Hobe Sound Golf Club is known for.

Our sod has been delivered and is being installed this week. These areas will be marked GUR (“ground under repair”) for a period of time. Please keep carts off these areas. I was recently asked why the sod was needed. The areas being re-sodded basically fall into one of two categories. The first being an area of pure sugar sand; the lack of rainfall this summer has kept these areas thin and the new sod will give us a better surface going forward. The other category is from cart traffic. While some of these areas are at the beginning or end of the cart paths, many others are very near the bunkers. The wear on these areas can be mitigated by varying where every cart is driven.

Our pine straw installation has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 12. I have my fingers crossed that this will be the last re-scheduling and we will have a fresh look in the native areas going into the season. Our tree removal service has been re-scheduled for Oct. 18.

We continue to work on the native area at 18 tee and will install native grasses soon. We will also continue to tweak the area to improve the line of sight from the tee grounds (see photos below).

Our entire Golf Course Maintenance Team is looking forward to everyone’s return for the season.

As always, hit ‘em straight and feel free to flag me down with any questions or concerns.


Clinton E. Tingen

Golf Course Superintendent

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