Update from Golf Course Maintenance Team

Hello, everyone.

Well, the rainy season has finally settled in here in South Florida. While the daily showers are much needed to counter the evapotranspiration rate caused by the summer heat, they can create another challenge for the agronomy team. Over the course of three days this past week, we were able to get our quarterly pre-emergent fertilizer application out on the course, dodging the storms as they blew through.

A couple other minor projects were accomplished these past few weeks:

On hole 2 beside the pond near the beginning of the fairway was originally intended to be a native bunker, similar to the green side native bunker. This area was unintentionally sprigged during the project and despite not being irrigated the TifTuf took root and established. However, without the adequate irrigation, during dry periods the turf looked thin and stressed out. We have removed the turf and created the originally intended bunker in that area:

The same situation occurred on 6 tees between the white and gold boxes. That area has also been converted to a native area:

There is an extremely sandy area right of the cart path on #2 at the green. Despite ropes, green and white stakes, and repeated golf carts left stuck overnight, golfers continued to attempt to pass a parked cart in this area and get stuck. We have constructed a small split rail fence in this area to take away the option of passing there in the future:

We put an order in for more native grass and plants to continue to add character to the native areas on the course and a little variety of color as well.

We are quickly approaching our second closure for aerification. This closure we will be less aggressive with the greens and more aggressive with the TifTuf. Yes, we will still poke holes and verticut the greens, but we anticipate a much quicker healing process than the last cycle. What we refer to as the “shortgrass” (tees, fairways, and approaches) will be more of our focus this go around. That means we will also be applying an organic fertilizer. The fragrance will subside after a few days or one good rainstorm. This is an important ingredient to our long-term goals of creating better soil conditions that will in turn lead to healthier turf, and therefore better playing conditions. It’s all about the game!

Enjoy the holiday weekend and Happy Birthday, America.

Hit ‘em straight,

Clinton E. Tingen

Golf Course Superintendent

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