Update from Golf Course Maintenance Team

Just a quick little update on the first aerification of the season:

All went well with no major issues or hiccups during the process. Last week’s constant winds were not exactly ideal, so the recovery process on the greens is a little behind of where we anticipated it to be. The greens should heal up fully this coming week. We continue to be extremely dry so we will be continuing to supply supplemental irrigation throughout the day in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Plus, a few reminders:

The greens are softer than they were a few weeks back due to the cultural practices. Please be mindful of that and repair any ball marks you see on the green.

Also, as the native areas continue to be dry, they will be softer and softer. Try to smooth over any foot traffic in the native sand to prevent any bad lies to members behind you.

Most importantly, no carts in the native areas. This includes the pine straw areas. To keep the native areas both aesthetically pleasing and playable, carts must stay on the cart path or on the turf. Do not drive carts in any other areas on the course.

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation and understanding during the closure. Aerifications on the golf course are a lot like going to the dentist: no one really likes it or looks forward to it, but it is necessary for long term success.

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