Update from the HSGC Golf Course Maintenance Team: 09-05-20

Hello, everyone.

Today the course welcomes you back for play after our third and final scheduled closure for summer aerification and maintenance. In addition to poking millions of holes in the greens, tees, and fairways, we added in a major sod project, planted 30 pine trees, spread 120 cubic yards of organic compost, 20 tons of organic fertilizer, and 30 tons of topdressing to the greens. So, to say we have been a little busy the last 11 days may be a slight understatement! I couldn’t be prouder of the Golf Course Maintenance crew for what they have accomplished this summer in preparing the course for the upcoming season.

The greens have recovered nicely after the aerification process. As is the case whenever we pull cores from the greens, they will be a little softer than normal for a short period of time as they settle back down and the new root growth firms them back up. Please be mindful that approach shots that may not have left a mark two weeks ago, will now. Taking the time to repair any ball marks you see on the greens will ensure a smooth putting surface for you and your fellow members.

We also removed the TifTuf that had encroached on the greens and replaced those areas with TifEagle sod (photo 1). This ensures the greens are exactly where Tom Fazio II intended. Going forward we will aggressively edge the greens to maintain the true edge between the two varieties of Bermuda turf.

I have consulted with an arborist about the pines we have declining around the course. Based on her advice, it is not in the best interest of the club to attempt to treat these trees as we would only be delaying the inevitable. We will remove many of these trees as they become unsightly and a falling debris hazard. In anticipation of this, we have started to replace the slash pines around the course (photo 2). This will be an ongoing process as we continue to monitor the health of the trees throughout the course.

​For those of you in town right now, you already know that it has been very hot lately, even by South Florida standards. The last three fairways and tees that we aerified experienced some drought stress. This turf will bounce back in the next few week with a little TLC.

As always, feel free to reach out to me or flag me down during the day with any questions you may have.

Hit ‘em straight and enjoy your round.

On behalf of the Golf Course Maintenance Team,

Clinton E. Tingen

Golf Course Superintendent

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