Update from the HSGC Golf Course Maintenance Team: 07-24-20

As our second golf course maintenance closure comes to an end, I'd like to take a moment to bring our members up to speed on what our Maintenance Team has been doing.

Greens were again aerified, with plugs left on the green and drug back in. This process allows us to create air channels to stimulate root growth, without removing the organic matter while we continue to strive for that happy medium of just enough organic matter to keep healthy greens, and not too much to affect playability.

Approaches were also aerified and verticut. All tees and fairways were verticut and are healing nicely. Another application of an organic fertilizer has been applied.

Tommy Fazio II was on property and constructed the new alternate white tee on 18. It has been sodded and will offer a different angle of a tee shot this season (image below left). We will rotate the white tee markers from each tee this coming season.

We also took some time during the closure to adjust the carry on #17. This adjustment takes the native area a little more out play from the tee (image below right).

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon. The course and practice facilities are ready for your return on Saturday, July 25!

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