Update from the HSGC Golf Course Maintenance Team: 06-20-20

Today is the summer solstice in our hemisphere, meaning the longest day of the year and officially the first day of summer.

Due to COVID-19, I know that many of you have remained here in Hobe Sound instead of returning north for the summer. So a friendly reminder: the heat hasn’t set in daily just yet, but the humidity is here and, with it, almost daily afternoon thunderstorms. Please abide by the course rules concerning the ThorGuard Lightning detection/prediction system. In an average year, every square mile in Florida experiences 20 lightning strikes. No round is worth risking it, so seek shelter when the ThorGuard siren wails.

The course is rebounding nicely from the repeated rounds of heavy historic rainfall. The ponds are nearing their normal levels and many of the waste areas are starting to return to dry upland areas instead of wetlands. Please continue to follow the cart paths where able and avoid low areas when possible.

We have repaired all of the cart paths except for #3, which will be completed this coming week. As of now we have installed 250 tons of cart path material and will continue to add to the paths to create more avenues to reach the fairways without driving in the same area of the turf.

Stay hydrated and hit ‘em straight.

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