HSGC ThorMobile - lightning detection / prediction

It's that time of year that lightning delays become more frequent and we rely on the ThorGuard lightning detection/prediction system to signal suspension and resumption of golf play. Please see our club rule regarding our lightning prediction system at the bottom of this post

For your convenience, you can view the ThorGuard lightning detection/prediction system from your computer or smart phone via ThorMobile. Click on the following link to access the site and bookmark it to your favorites on your computer or smart phone:


This is the website to check the ThorGuard lightning detection/prediction status at Hobe Sound Golf Club only.

Note: this is not an app; it is a web link, and you need internet access to use it. It can be accessed on mobile and non-mobile internet browsers. ThorMobile recommends using Chrome or Safari browsers.

The Golf Shop staff can answer any questions you may have about this system.

Thank you,

Tom Yeager

Head Golf Professional

(772) 546-8933

Club rule: Players will be warned by our lightning prediction system which sounds one prolonged blast of the horn signaling suspension of all play. All players must leave their respective holes and either return to the clubhouse or go to an appropriate shelter. Resumption of play is signaled by three consecutive five-second blasts of the horns. It is also emphasized to all players to stop play at any time they believe lightning threatens their safety – even if a signal has not yet sounded.

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