While Re-Grassing Our Golf Course, We Re-Discovered Our Roots

Upon completing our 2019 course renovation by course designer Tom Fazio II, Hobe Sound Golf Club will re-introduce its original logo, which embraces the area’s local heritage and history. The illustration in the logo is representative of the various Native American Indian tribes that inhabited the Hobe Sound area in its early history. HSGC used this logo from the Club’s inception in 1988 to 2003.

“We’ve heard from a number of members over the last several years asking about returning to the Club’s original logo,” says HSGC President Skip Willis. “The Board Members received enough interest from the membership to bring the topic to our Board meeting in August. After much consideration and discussion, which included the timing of having materials produced for the upcoming season, the Board voted to re-introduce the Club’s original logo as we unveil our renovated course in the fall of 2019.”

This logo is unique to our Club and is consistent with our strategy of providing “pure” golf. Being distinctive and representative of the American Indians that were native to the Hobe Sound area, this logo better represents what is purely Hobe Sound. Thirty years ago, the Club’s founders knew they had a very special piece of land. The natural sand ridge here stands out alongside the Treasure Coast’s usually flat terrain and the surrounding area is now home to some of the most top-rated clubs in the country. During the course renovation, Tom Fazio II utilized the naturalness of the terrain and underlying pristine white sand to make HSGC one of the preeminent golf courses in the area.

The HSGC management team will be rolling out the new “old” logo in a time and cost efficient manner. Members will start to see the transition shortly on the HSGC website and social media channels, in our communications and marketing, as well as golf shop and team member apparel, facility signage, and other operational materials, and of course, on the golf course.

“We see this logo update as an important continuation of evolving our brand in line with our Club’s vision and mission,” adds HSGC Vice President Steve Landis. “Our commitment to those values is stronger now than it ever has been in the history of Hobe Sound Golf Club.”

Our Vision:

Hobe Sound Golf Club will be known for being a thriving club with a great course and social experience, where golfers line up for the privilege of membership.

Our Mission:

Hobe Sound Golf Club will provide “golf as it should be,” through our impeccably manicured golf course nestled within a natural setting; friendly, welcoming, and relaxed environment; and a professional and attentive staff.

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