Renovation Update

Just over half way through the renovation and the golf course is really starting to take shape. Summer rains have finally arrived down here and, while they are not hampering the pace for the shapers in the bulldozers or the irrigation installation crew, they are preventing the harvesting of the sprigs, so we are in sort of a holding pattern for our next grassing days.

We grassed Phase 1 (holes 7-12) in mid-May and they are all growing in nicely. The TifTuf is really starting to fill in on Phase 1 and we will be back to mowing grass in no time. The greens were sprigged a week following the tees and fairways and are beginning to look like greens again.

All the turf has been mowed and rolled. The rolling helps smooth everything out from the tees to the fairways to the greens. The mowing at this point is to encourage the turf to grow sideways and fill in the gaps, creating the lush playing surface we expect. A little break in the weather pattern will allow us to sprig Phase 2 (holes 1-6). Fingers crossed that Mother Nature plays along.

Photos by Tony Price

The shaping of all the golf holes, the driving range, and the practice area will be completed by month’s end, with the irrigation installation not far behind them. The contours and slopes Tommy Fazio has produced on the fairways are amazing. We were able to mine the whitest sand I have ever seen and the contrast between the TifTuf and the white sand in the native areas is going to look amazing. The remainder of the closure period will consist of growing in the turf and getting it to the highest level capable to provide an excellent experience during your rounds this upcoming season.

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