Course Update - Jan. 29

After a very long dry period, the golf course received over five inches of rainfall last week. This five inches of rain was more rain then we have had over the last four months combined. After the four-inch rainfall on Saturday night and Sunday, the golf course was open for play Monday morning with only a few small areas of standing water. Many of the dry spots throughout the golf course have greened back up after the rain.

The cooler weather we have had throughout the month of January has the grass shut-down and not growing much. We have not mowed the rough since the first week in January and the fairways and tees have only been mowed two-three times this month. This is our normal routine in the winter when the temperatures drop into the 50s for an extended period of time.

The cooler weather has helped keep the green speed at our desired speed. The greens also have not been growing much due to the cooler night time temps. We have been mowing the greens five to six times a week and just rolling them on non-mowing days. We try to keep the greens rolling around 11 on the Stimpmeter and usually roll and single cut as needed to maintain our desired speed.

With the turf not growing, it is even more important to take care and fill your divots with the correct amount of sand. Fix your ball marks and as many other ball marks you can find while you are on the putting surfaces. When exiting and entering the cart paths, try to avoid any worn-out areas to help them recover quicker. Please remember to rake out all of your footprints after you have hit your bunker shot and replace the bunker rake outside the bunker with the head of the rake pointed towards the green.

We are top-dressing the greens on Tuesday this week instead of Monday due to the rainfall over the weekend.

Reminder that we are scheduled to spray the golf course on Monday, Feb. 18 and Tuesday, Feb. 19, weather permitting, in preparation for the re-grassing project this year.

The golf course and practice facilities will be closed on these two days. Signage reinforcing the course closure will be placed at entry points to the golf course. Please refrain from entering the course on these days, including the walking of pets.

If weather conditions do not allow for the application on these days, the schedule will be delayed. Additional announcements will be made as we get closer to the spray date to either confirm the date or about potential delays and alternative spray dates.

Silt fencing will start to go up in February after the Men's Invitational.

The scheduled dates for the second application are March 11 and 12. Advance notice will again be given.

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