Course Update - Oct. 29

The golf course has received less than one inch of rainfall in the last 30 days. The drier turf conditions make for better playing conditions and produce a better quality of cut on all our mowers.

We are seeing “hot spots” on the course in some of our more sandy areas that need a little more water. Having hot spots to deal with is much easier that having to pump out standing water like we had to do for most of the spring and early summer months.

Green speed is always a bit of a challenge this time of year. Most of our members that go north for the summer have been putting on Bentgrass all summer, so our greens will seem a little slow.

Our daytime high temperatures have been in the high 80s and lows have been in the high 70s. We are forecasted to receive more fall like temperatures as we head into November. We will be lowering the HOC on the greens and rolling the greens 3-4 days a week to get our green speed to our goal speed of 11 feet on the stimpmeter.

Fire ant bait was applied the entire golf course at the end of October. This material takes 7-10 days to take effect on the fire ant activity. Until the ant bait takes effect, please be careful of any active fire ant mounds.

Please be careful driving your golf carts in the native upland areas; the sand in the native areas is very soft and golf carts will get stuck very easily.

Golf Course Care

  • Please remember to fix at least one ball mark per green.

  • Rake out all foot prints in the bunkers and place rake outside bunker after use.

  • Keep all golf carts on the cart path when available.

  • Please don’t overfill divots with sand; too much sand is worse than not enough.

  • Place broken tees in tee caddies located next to the tee markers.

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