Course Update - Aug. 29

Our overall turf coverage throughout the golf course is excellent. We have been mowing a great deal of grass, especially in the rough, which is very typical for summer in South Florida. Our Articulator Pull Rough mower was down for two weeks and we had to mow the roughs with our back up mower. Our back up mower does not mow the rough as low as the Articulator Pull Rough Mower normally does. So when we put the Articulator Pull Rough Mower back out to mow the rough, it was scalping the rough quite a bit and turning the rough off color. We have had the Articulator Pull Rough Mower up and running now for two weeks. This week we are mowing all the deep rough two times to help get the height of cut and quality of cut back to normal.

We have been working hard to get the native areas looking better. We have made a great deal of progress in the native bed areas over the past few weeks. We have been pulling, weed-eating, and spraying the non-native flora in these native areas to help the overall look.

We have also been doing a great deal of spraying in our turf areas for grassy and broadleaf weeds.

I have heard quite a few positive comments on our bunker raking process. During the two week closing period at the end of July, we stirred up the bunkers. This process was an adjustment on our sand pro rake, which is called a scarifier. The scarifier is a row of 4” bolts on the back edge of the bunker rake. We lowered the scarifier all the way down and basically tilled up 4” of sand to bust up any hard surfaces in the greenside bunkers. We did this twice while we were closed and it busted up any crusty sand throughout the greenside bunkers.

Our TifTuf test area on #17 fairway is growing in nicely! The new TifTuf was mowed for the first time this week and we also cored the new turf to help with leveling (see top photo). The area on hole #8 that was sodded with TifTuf is also growing in nicely (see bottom photo).

We had a great deal of damage caused by animals on many of the front nine holes; most of the damage was from armadillos foraging for mole crickets and grubs. Most of the damage was on the western perimeter fence line. The damage was really bad last week during the full moon. We have treated these areas with fertilizer to help the damaged areas heal up and applied an insecticide to target the mole crickets. The damage does seem to be slowing down quite a bit from last week.

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