Course Update - July 27

It has been a very busy month for the Golf Course Maintenance staff. During the month of July, the Club hosted four outside golf events. It was great hosting the US Amateur Men’s and Women’s Qualifiers along with the South Florida PGA and FSGA one-day events.

During the past few weeks, we have also addressed two drainage issues on hole #3 and hole #8. On hole #3, we replaced 100 feet of 18” diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) with 18” corrugated aluminum pipe (CAP). On hole #8, we replaced a short 12-foot section of CMP with CAP.

We have a few thin areas on the edges of some of the greens (7, 8, 9, and 11). These thin areas are from the collar grass growing into the greens. The wide-bladed 419 Bermuda gets much fatter in the summer time and can’t take the lower height of cut. We have been top-dressing these areas and giving them extra granular and liquid fertilizer to help them grow back in. We also have some thin areas on 9, 11 and the practice green due to nematode pressure and pushing the greens a little too hard during the past few weeks. These areas have already started to heal up from a nematode treatment and extra fertilizer treatments we did early this week. The cost for a nematode treatment is quite expensive; the material we treat the greens for nematodes costs $1,800 per acre or $5,427 for all our greens.

We have planted two types of grass on our test area on hole #17: the turf on the left (north) side of the fairway is TifTuf and the turf on the right (south) side is 419 Bermuda. We have also planted TifTuf on hole #8 in the middle of the fairway where we repaired the drainage pipe. See photos.

During the two weeks that the golf course is closed (July 31-Aug. 13), we will be tilling up the green side bunkers to try and eliminate some of the “crusty areas.” We will add four-inch long scarify bolts to the bunker machine and turn over the top 3-4 inches of sand to bust up the hard crusty areas. This process will leave the bunkers softer and, at first, create more buried lies.

After we till up the bunker sand, we will continue to rake the bunkers with our normal machine to help pack the sand back down. To be clear, we will be doing this tilling process to the green side bunkers and not the fairway bunkers. We do not want to soften up the fairway bunkers.

We are maintaining the turf around the lakes at a higher height of cut (HOC) to reduce maintenance and filter unwanted nutrients from getting into the water. See photo.

I have seen quite a few unfilled divots and quite a few over-filled divots throughout the golf course. Please take the time to correctly fill your divots on the course and on the driving range. See photos.

During the two weeks we are closed (July 31-Aug. 13), we will be working on the following maintenance items:


Vertical mowing and top-dressing (no coring)


Coring and top-dressing




Vertical mowing, coring, and top-dressing

Range Tees

Coring and top-dressing

Weed Program

Rough areas

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