Course Update - July 13

A common concern among my fellow Golf Course Superintendents in our area and throughout Florida is the shortage of labor. Most Golf Course Superintendents I speak with are short a few guys on a regular routine. This coincides with the booming construction business; when construction is busy, it’s very hard to find help.

The labor shortage combined with the past few months of wet weather is leading to a lot of comments about our weeds in our beds and native areas. We are very weedy in the native beds, especially the wet bed areas. The drier native areas are not as weedy.

We will be trying a few new things in these areas to get the weeds in check in a timely manner. We will boom spray some of the open native areas with a pre- and post-emergent herbicide to kill existing weeds and to stop new weeds from germinating. This process will be an increase in chemical cost, but hopefully a reduction in labor cost.

This summer has been very busy with golfer activity. The average number of daily rounds played so far this summer is about 68. We have wear areas at the ends of some of our cart paths from the cart traffic. With the increase in play, it is even more important to “leave the course in better shape than you found it.” Here’s how:

  • Fill your divots correctly (see photos below).

  • Correctly fix your ball mark and at least one other ball mark that you find.

  • Golf carts should always use the cart path where provided and follow our red ball/green ball policy. Red ball means proceed to the cart path on the other side and never pass in between the balls with your golf cart.

  • Smokers, please dispose of your cigarette butts in a proper receptacle.

  • The bunkers are a little firm due to the 36 inches of rainfall in the past 90 days. Please remember to rake out all of your footprints after hitting that great bunker shot.

  • Please keep all golf carts out of the native areas.

Thank you!

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