Course Update - June 21

We have completed one rotation of our summer renovation schedule as of last week.

We have cored greens, tees, approaches, collars, fairways, and the west driving range tee. Most of the turf areas have recovered from the coring and have healed up nicely. Please be patient with the greens, which take the longest to heal; you will see the holes from the coring for the rest of the summer. Here is a close-up look at 7 green, where you can see the holes healing up nicely.

We have top-dressed the greens three times since we cored and have applied fertilizer three times to help the greens recover from the coring. Remember, there are approximately 35,000 to 40,000 holes in each green that have to heal over.

We’re making a change to the 2018 Renovation Schedule: on July 30, we will pencil tine the greens (not ½ core as originally planned).

Our focus now turns to grooming the golf course, our weed program in turf and native areas, and a few other projects. All of the rainfall we had in May has everything (including the weeds) growing at a quick pace.

This week (week of June 18), we applied growth regulator to the tees, fairways, and greens. This material slows down the vertical growth of the turf and helps reduce some double-cutting of thick areas.

We will strip off the dead grass on hole 17 and plant three types of fairway/rough grass as a turf test. The grasses that we will be planting are Latitude 36, Bimini, and TifTuf. Weather permitting, we will plant the test area the week of July 9.

Rainfall total for May 2018 was 18.9 inches. (Average rainfall in May for the last 20 years is 4.3 inches.) Rainfall total for the first 22 days in June is 5.3 inches.

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