Course Update - June 8

The big news in May was the rainfall! The golf course received over 18 inches of rainfall in the month of May; the normal rainfall amount for this time of year is four inches.

We are in the process of finishing up our renovation for the week of June 4-8. We have been very lucky with the rain this week and have completed all of our scheduled maintenance.

The greens have all been cored, cleaned up, rolled three times, top dressed, and received an application of .5 lb. of nitrogen.

The fairways have all been cored, cleaned up, and mowed. We will apply .5 lb. of nitrogen on them next week.

We also finished coring the rest of the tees (back 9) and top dressed all of the tees and applied .75 lb. of nitrogen on the tees.

We cored the west range tee and sodded the thin areas and top dressed the tee with a heavy amount of sand. We will keep the west range tee closed for 10-14 days to help it recover from the sod and top dressing work.

We have also edged all of the bunkers on the course this week.

Next week we will core and scalp all of the approaches and collars.

(Editor's note: this blog was written prior to us getting 3.5 inches of rain in less than two hours at the Club on Friday, June 8.)

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