Course Update - April 12

The 1.25" of rain on Tuesday, April 10 was our first rainfall of more than .5” since January 8th. The golf course turf really responded with a flush of growth and a green up throughout the course.

We lowered the Height of Cut (HOC) on greens down to .100” and on tees and fairways down to .550”. The lowering of the HOC is normal for this time of year due to the increase in the growth pattern of the turf.

We started to increase the depth of our vertical mowing blades on greens in April, which is normal for this time of year. We vertical mow the greens to remove as much thatch (organic matter) on the putting surfaces as possible. We also increase the amount of top-dressing (sand) that we apply to the greens this time of year. We top-dress and vertical mow the greens every other Monday depending on our tournament schedule.

We have had a large outbreak of Poa annua (see photo), which is a winter weed to South Florida golf courses and a summer weed to northern golf courses. We have actually had two outbreaks of Poa annua: one in late February and the other big flush about three weeks ago. We had a good kill on the February outbreak, but have struggled to get control of the second flush of Poa annua.

We have also been fighting some other winter weeds that have germinated over the past month. The winter weeds are very, very unsightly to the overall conditions of the course. We are spraying the Poa annua and spraying and pulling the other winter weeds along with our year round weeds. The Poa annua will take 10-14 days to die back after the spraying of the weed. We will have the Poa annua treated by the end of the week (week of April 16-20).

We will be working on stump removal this summer in the native areas. We have many dead palmetto, pine and palm stumps in upland and wetland areas. We will also be doing some plantings in some of the wetland flyover areas on the course. A “flyover” is the area where your ball fly’s over the wetland on your tee shot: examples are #1 tee wetland , #12 tee wetland, and #18 tee wetland.

Upcoming Course Maintenance

  • Vertical mowing, top-dressing and fertilizer on greens April 16 & 30

  • Pencil tine on greens April 30

  • Coring and vertical mowing on tees May 14

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