Course Update - Mar. 21

“It’s all about the weather.”

Our overall weather this season has been good for turf conditions and the playability of the golf course. We started the season with warm wet weather and are now in a dry cool weather pattern. February’s average high temperatures were in the low 80s and low temperatures were in the mid-60s, and now March has started out as the coolest month of the season. After a very wet start to this golf season, we are currently in a dry spell; over the past 45 days we have received only about one inch of rainfall.

During the warm weather in February, we were mowing a great deal of turf and having to blow off the clippings in the fairways and rough. With our current cooler March weather, we have reduced our mowing frequency due to the reduced growth rate. The cool weather makes for a little tighter lie in the fairway and helps maintain quicker green speed on the putting surfaces. Due to the low rainfall amounts, we have quite a few localized dry spots throughout the course.

Our busy March tournament schedule included the Ladies’ and Men’s Invitational and the Men’s and Ladies’ Club Championships. The green speed will increase a “wee” bit this month, which is normal for this time of year. We usually lower the greens and increase rolling a little for our “Major Tournaments.”

I have tagged about 20-25 dead trees throughout the golf course for removal; the trees are marked with a pink ribbon. The smaller trees will be removed by the HSGC Golf Course Maintenance staff and the larger trees will be removed later in the spring by a tree service.

We have added two ropes at the driving range to help encourage members and guests to hit from the designated practice area. We will also be adding a few more divot mix containers at both the east and west range tees.


  • Fertilizer on fairways March 19

  • Top dressing and fertilizer on greens March 19, April 2 & 16

  • Hydro-jetting on greens March 26

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