Course Update - Feb. 20

Our warm winter weather has the golf course in great shape. We are mowing a great deal of grass throughout the golf course. This ideal weather makes for quick turf recovery from golf cart traffic, divot and ball mark damage, and also makes for super playing conditions.

We lowered the height of cut (“HOC”) on the greens last week to .115” and the plan is to lower the HOC on the tees, approaches, and fairways either this or next week. Our current HOC on these short mowed areas is .600” we will lower this cut to .575”.

We are starting to see some of our native animals forage for insects. We routinely see animal damage throughout the golf course. We have armadillo, raccoon, possum, and sandhill cranes - along with many other birds - hunting for insects. The insects that the animals are searching for are mostly mole crickets, grubs, and cut worms. You normally won’t see the damage the insect makes -- only the damage to the turf the animals make hunting for the insect.

We have added Saturday to the days we cut the cups on the greens during the season. We cut cups on the greens every day of the week except Monday.

Anyone with a blue handicap flag on their golf cart is asked to park next to the new white and blue stakes that we will be placing out on the golf course later this week (see photo at right). There will be one stake per green placed on a level portion of the green slope. A stake location list is available for pick up in the Golf Shop by our current handicap flag carrying members and for any guest play as needed.

The west range tee continues to get a great deal of divot damage from members’ practice sessions. We will be adding four more divot buckets to the west range tee. All members and guests are required to sand fill their divots after each practice session! Please remember to take long thin divot patterns on the range tees and not large square patterns. The long thin divot patterns will heal up quicker and will keep the tee much more level.

Course Care

  • Please remember to repair your ball mark and at least one ball mark per green.

  • Prior to filling your divot, please knock in the sides of the divot and level area prior to neatly filling the divot with sand.

  • Keep your golf cart on the path at all times; never pull your cart on to the edge of the tee or green slope.

  • Please use the driving range parking area when hitting balls at the range.

  • Only two (2) carts per foursome, and one (1) cart per twosome.

  • Place bunker rakes outside bunker after use.

  • Broken tees should be placed in the tee caddies located on the tees.

Upcoming Course Maintenance

  • Hydro-jetting greens February 27 & March 26

  • Top-dressing / fertilizer on greens March 5 & March 19

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