Course Update - Jan. 26

Growing turf grass in the winter is always dictated by what weather pattern we are in. Bermuda grass can adapt to wet and dry conditions, but it really depends on sunshine to stay healthy.

December 21 was the shortest day of the year; meaning the sun was out for only about 10 hours. Compare the 10 hours of average daily sunlight in December to the 15 hours of sunlight in July, that’s a huge difference. Bermuda grass depends on sunlight to grow, the more the better. I am always a little protective of the turf this time of year due to the low sunlight issue. My goal is always to go into January with healthy turf!

The end of December and for the most part all of January have been more typical dry winter weather. We have been actually watering the golf course through the irrigation system and watering the greens with hand water hoses.

Although the water table is still over and above the control elevation, we are starting to see a few dry spots on the golf course. The ball is rolling out a little in the fairways, which is a good thing. We have put out some rope and stakes near the ends of some of the cart paths due to direct golf cart traffic. No one likes the look of the rope and stakes but it is necessary due to the increase in golf cart traffic.

Please remember to leave the Golf Course in better shape than you found it in:

· Fix at least one ball mark per green.

· Prior to filling in your divot (this is important), level the divot by knocking down the sides of

the divot with your foot or golf club. After the divot is level, fill the divot with sand, but don’t over

fill or dump a pile of sand in the divot. Finally, smooth out the sand just in case you’ve added too

much sand.

· Always keep both wheels of your golf cart on the path at all times; this goes for the golf course

and the driving range.

· Only two golf carts per foursome.

· Broken tees should be placed in the tee caddies that are located on each tee.

· Please keep golf carts out of the native areas. These areas are very soft and sandy and golf

carts will get stuck very easily in the soft sand.

Upcoming Golf Maintenance

· Top Dressing and Fertilizer on Greens -- January 29 and February 12

· Wall to Wall Fertilizer application -- January 29

· Hydro Jetting Greens -- February 5

· Edging Bunkers -- Week of January 29

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