Course Update - Jan. 11

The weather during the first two weeks of January has been a challenge to say the least. We have received over four inches of rain in the first ten days of January and in between the two big rains we had a hard cold snap. Four days in row of near freezing low nightly temperatures has dropped the soil temperatures down into the 40s. Fortunately the weather warmed up quickly after the cold snap which helped bring the soil temperatures back up into the 60s. When the soil temperature drops down below 50 for a prolonged period of time, the turf shuts down and will actually go dormant. When the turf is in a dormant or semi-dormant state, it does not recover as quickly and does not handle cart traffic or any type of stress.

The wet winter weather has continued into January, the abundant rainfall has closed or delayed opening the golf course three times this month already. We have roped and staked off quite a few wet areas throughout the golf course. Our wettest areas on the golf course are: the right side of #1 at the corner of the dogleg; hole #4 left rough 70 yards out; hole #10 - the entire left side of the green and leading up to the green on the left side; hole #12 right side by drain basin 170 yards out and the last 40 yards leading up to the green; and lastly hole #18 the left and right side of the tee shot landing areas. Please avoid these areas with your golf carts and only walk in or near the staked off areas.

I have noticed that a great deal of divots made in the rough are not being filled. If your ball ends up in an un-filled divot, whether in the fairway or rough, it’s a much harder shot to hit than a filled divot. So please, make an effort to fill your divots weather in the rough or the fairway…thank you!

We have been working on cleaning up some of the native upland areas the past few weeks. This work has consisted of cabbage palm trimming, debris removal, and raking of the native sandy edges.

Please remember to leave the Golf Course in better shape than you found it by doing the following during your round:

  1. Repair your ball mark and at least one other ball mark per green.

  2. Prior to filling your divot, knock in the sides of the divot and level the area prior to neatly filling with sand.

  3. Keep you golf cart on the path at all times; never pull your cart onto the edge of the tee or green slope. At the driving range, please park your cart in the parking areas, not on the edge of the tee slope.

  4. Only two Golf Carts per foursome.

  5. Place bunker rakes outside of the bunkers after use.

  6. Broken tees should be placed in the tee caddies located on the tees.

Upcoming Golf Maintenance

  • Top Dressing and Fertilizer on Greens -January 15 and 29

  • Wall to Wall Fertilizer Application - January 29

  • Hydro Jetting Greens - February 5

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