Course Update - Dec. 15

We had our first real cold front this week, with a few days of temperatures in the low 40s and patches of frost with lows in the high to mid-30s. This weather is very Christmas-like but not good for our southern turf grass. If the cold weather continues, it will lower the soil temperatures to a point where the turf will go dormant. Our Bermuda grass has not gone dormant since January 2010 (see photo below). Let’s just hope we are not on our way to another winter like 2010.

Our greens are a little off-color due to the low morning temperatures and we do have some “leaf spot” on the greens which is normal with our current weather pattern. We have treated the leaf spot to reduce the spreading of the fungus and will top-dress and fertilize the greens next week to help grow out of the leaf spot. One positive with the cooler weather is the green speed does not really change during the day due to the turf’s lower growth rate.

As a friendly reminder, we will be closing down the west range tee over the Christmas holiday. We want to give the west tee a rest; this will help the divots heal up as we move into the main part of the Golf Season. The east range tee will be open for you to hit balls and practice your short game.

  • Just a few friendly golf course care reminders during your round of golf:

  • Please remember to lightly fill divots with the sand provided on your golf cart

  • On the greens, please repair your ball mark – and at least one other

  • Please smooth your footprints and divot in the bunker, and always enter/exit on the low side

  • Please do not throw cigarette/cigar butts on the golf course or practice areas – dispose of them in an ashtray or other appropriate receptacles

  • Golf Carts

  • Please adhere to our Green Ball/Red Ball policy - when approaching the green, exit the fairway to the Green Ball side and onto the cart path

  • Please remember - 1 cart maximum per twosome, 2 carts maximum per threesome or foursome

  • Please remain on the cart paths around all greens and tees, always on path for the par 3s

  • Blue Handicap flag guidelines – please remain on the cart path around the tee boxes, and no less than 30 feet (10 yards) from greens

Thank You and Happy Holidays from your Golf Course Maintenance Crew….

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