Course Update - Nov. 16

We have had our share of rainfall the past two and a half months and currently there are no signs of it drying up anytime soon. The combined total rainfall for the past two and a half months is 25” of rain, compared to 15” for the same time period last year (2016). Our drainage system discharges water off site on the southwest side of the golf course at the lake on hole #11. Due to the high rainfall amounts, we have more water coming onto the property than is leaving the property. This is why the level of the lakes on holes #14 and #16 continue to rise.

The wet conditions have closed the golf course a few days over the past month and have kept playing conditions very wet. We lose green speed during the wet conditions due to the fact that we double-cut and roll the greens less due to the greens being too soft. We also groom or rake the bunkers less during the wet rainy weather.

Please remember to obey the red and green cart directional balls and please keep all golf carts on the cart paths when provided. This means carts should always be on the cart path on Par 3 holes.

The west range tee (the end closest to the clubhouse) is getting a tremendous amount of activity. We will be closing down the west tee for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday and over the Christmas holiday to give the tee a little break. Please remember when hitting balls on the range to make long thin divot patterns not big square patterns (see pictures).

Our weed program is still a few weeks behind due to Hurricane Irma (September 10). When we spray out the weeds with our selective herbicide, it takes a few weeks for the weed to die and Bermuda grass to fill back in. Most of these weed areas are about the size of a basketball or a little smaller. The size of the weed that we are spraying determines how quickly the Bermuda grass grows back to cover up where the dead weed was. Now that we are later into the season, it is going to take longer for the turf to recover from the herbicide work.

We have been picking up debris in the upland and dry wetland areas for the past three weeks. We are also pulling some of the big weeds and large vines. We still have a great deal of debris in the upland areas from Hurricane Irma. We have completed about eight holes and have about two to three more weeks of work to finish the range upland areas and the front nine uplands. We still have a few large pine trees that were knocked over during the storm; these will be cleaned up when these areas are dry enough to work in. We also have some dead pine trees standing that we have marked with pink ribbons that need to be removed; we are waiting for drier conditions to remove these trees, also. We will leave some of the larger dead pine tree trunks standing as “tree snags” for birds and other wildlife to live in.

Please see the photos below of correctly filled divots and some not correctly filled divots. It is very important to fill your divot correctly with the proper amount of sand and smooth out any piles of sand lift on the divots.

We have seen an increase in cigarette butts throughout the golf course since the beginning of October. If you smoke on the golf course please do not throw the cigarette butts on the ground. If you need an ashtray, please see someone in the cart barn – we have plenty of them.

Upcoming Maintenance

  • Bag sand top-dressing and fertilizer application on greens Nov. 20 & Dec. 4

  • Wall-to-wall fertilizer application Nov. 20

  • Hydro-jet on greens Nov. 27

  • Bunker edging Mid to late December

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