Course Update - Oct. 26

Green Speed

Green Speed is always a challenge this time of year and 2017 is no different. As our Tiff Eagle Greens get older (they were re-grassed in 2003), it gets more difficult to manage them. Older greens are softer due to an increased thatch layer. This thatch layer acts like a sponge and makes it more difficult to firm the greens up, because they stay soft and spongey.

The golf course has received about 15 inches of rainfall over the past 50 days, which is the reason the greens are soft. Our current height of cut (HOC) is .120” and our current StimpMeter reading is in the low to mid 10’s (10’ to 10.6’). Our goal green speed for the season is 11 feet on the StimpMeter. We lowered HOC on the greens on Oct. 26 and will continue to lightly top-dress and groom the greens to improve ball roll and help with the thatch level. With our normal mowing routine of double-cutting the greens five to six times a week and rolling the greens three to four times a week, we will be able to get the greens to our goal speed of 11’ by opening week - October 31 - Halloween Day.

Fire Ants

We are scheduled to treat the entire golf course with fire ant bait the week of October 30th. The fire ant bait needs a few days of rain-free weather to take effect. This is why we wait until the end of October to the beginning of November to make the application. The application also needs to be done with very little wind, which is also a bit of a challenge in the fall in South Florida. So please be careful of the fire ant mounds until we are able to make the application.

New 5th Tee

The newly constructed 5th tee is now open for play. The rebuilding project came out great and on budget. Enjoy the new tee and new Latitude 36 Bermuda Grass that we planted on the tee.

Greenside Bunker Sand

Four inches of sand have been added to all greenside bunkers and to fairway bunkers on 1 and 2. The new bunker sand is soft, so it is important to enter and exit the bunkers on the low side. In time, the bunker sands and edges will firm up, but for now it is important to enter and exit from the lowest point. (See photo.)

A few friendly reminders:

  • Two (2) golf carts per group.

  • Please obey the green and red ball traffic rule by all greens. On Par 3 holes, please keep golf carts on the cart path at all times.

  • Knock in the sides of your divot before lightly sanding the divot; no dumping and always smooth sand after filling your divot.

  • The greens are soft and just about every shot into the greens will make a ball mark, so please repair your ball mark and any other you see.

  • Please fill your divots at the driving range and take long thin divot lines, not big square areas.

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