Course Update - Sept. 28


Our greens have healed up nicely from the last coring on July 31 and have full turf coverage on them. We do have a few thin edges that we are spot top-dressing and applying extra fertilizer on to aid in growing in the thin areas. We are currently at a HOC of .125” which is typical HOC for the end of September. We will lower HOC to about .110-.115 by the end of October. Our green speed goal for the golf season (November 1 to May 1) is 10 ½ to 11 feet on the Stimpmeter. We will continue to lightly vertical mow, groom and top dress the greens to help improve ball roll and green speed.


We are applying a heavy application of top dressing on the tees this week along with 1 LB of nitrogen fertilizer. We will start hand mowing most of the smaller tees to improve turf quality and to reduce mower wear patterns in the tight areas. We are currently at .575” HOC on the tees and approaches which is our normal HOC for this time of year.


We have just completed our final coring on the fairways last week (third time this summer). This week we applied 1 LB of fertilizer to the fairways and the rest of the golf course turf. We have had an excellent summer for growing turf, not too dry and not too wet. The fairways are in great shape heading into the season. Our current HOC on the fairways is .575”, our fairway HOC will range between .500 and .650 depending on weather and turf quality.


The rough is very thick and lush as it usually is at the end of the summer due to the summer rains and high temperatures. Our primary rough

along the side of the fairways is cut at a HOC of 1.5” and the green and tee slopes are cut a little shorter at a HOC of 1.25”.


We lost quite a bit of our bunker sand during Hurricane Irma and we have scheduled a sand install project for the beginning of October. We have hired a contractor to install 4” of new bunker sand in all of the greenside bunkers. This project will take about three weeks and should finish up by the end of the third week in October. The new sand will look much whiter than our current bunker sand and will be a little soft until it packs down. So please expect a few plugged lies until the sand packs. We will edge all of the bunkers during the month of October, most likely prior to the sand being installed.

Range Tees

Both of the range tees are in great shape going into the season. The back left corner is a little thin on the west range tee. The thin areas is from nematode damage. The nematodes feed off of the plant’s root system and stunt the plants growth rate and the turf also gets dry very easy due to lack of root mass. All tees were treated for nematodes the third week of September and will take about 10-14 days to show signs of improvement. The west tee nearest the clubhouse gets the most activity and I encourage all the members to go to the east tee to practice. The east tee is in much better conditions due to lack of use, so please go hit balls at the east end….


We will apply our fall pre-emergent herbicide application on Oct 2-3 weather permitting. We are a few weeks behind on our weed control program on both turf areas and upland

and wetland native areas. We have not been able to spray weeds for most of the month of September due to the hurricane preparation and cleanup work.

5 Tee

We have just completed planting about 800 grasses and 350 aquatic plants on hole #5. We applied a heavy application of top dressing on the tee this week and we will double roll the tee on Thursday. The tee will be ready for the scheduled opening, which is October 31.

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