Course Update - Aug. 24

The grow-in on the new tee on hole #5 is at about 85% coverage and looking great! We started mowing the tee top about two weeks ago at a Height of Cut (HOC) of .750 (3/4”). We have also been mowing the new tee slope for two weeks at our normal slope HOC of 1.25”. We have dressed out the upland area on the right side of the green with crushed rock material, which is the same material that we use on the cart paths. We will finish off the project with an aquatic planting along the side of the tee and some native grasses to the right of the green sometime in September. We are on schedule for the new tee box to open at the start of the season as originally planned.

The golf course is playing very nicely right now: all of the coring, vertical mowing, and top-dressing areas have healed up nicely from the last renovation. We do have a few more renovation items to finish up in September and early October (see list below), but the major work is behind us. The Golf Course Maintenance staff will now shift from Renovation Work to more detail work to prepare the course for the upcoming season.

Upcoming renovation work:

  • September 5 Top-dressing tees

  • September 12 Pencil tine greens

  • Week of September 12 Top-dressing fairways

  • October 9 Top-dressing tees

Upcoming wall-to-wall fertilizer applications:

  • September 25

  • October 23

  • November 20

On October 5, HSGC will host the Treasure Coast Golf Course Superintendents Association (TCGCSA) for a tournament at 1pm.

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