Course Update - July 25

The golf course and clubhouse will close on July 31 and will re-open August 15. During the closing, the Golf Course Maintenance staff will be very busy on the scheduled renovation work which includes work on greens, tees, fairways, approaches, and the driving range. Greens, tees, and approaches will be cored, vertically mowed, and top-dressed. The fairways will be vertically mowed and cored, and all the short turf areas will receive an application of fertilizer.

The construction of #5 tee is complete along with the planting of the new sod on the slopes and the sprigs on the tee top. We are now in the grow-in stage of the project. Once we get full turf coverage on the tee, we will start mowing and rolling the tee along with a few top-dressing applications. We will also be dressing up the right side of #5: we will apply some crushed rock and add some native grasses to give the right side a better look.

During the two weeks that the golf course is closed, we will trim most of the palms at the front entrance and clubhouse. We will also remove most of the dead pines trees on the golf course and grind up the stumps as needed.


The greens have healed up nicely from the coring on June 5. We have been aggressively vertical mowing the greens to remove thatch and reduce grain. We usually vertical mow the greens on Monday and/or Tuesday. Bi-weekly top-dressing along with light nitrogen fertilizer applications is our normal routine on the putting greens.

Tees and Approaches

Tees and approaches have both healed up nicely from the aggressive vertical mowing in June. We have been working on weed pull and spray work on both tees and approaches this summer. We like to pull the big weeds and treat the smaller grassy weeds with a selective herbicide.


The summer heat and abundant rainfall have the fairways growing nicely with plenty of grass to mow up each week. We still have two corings on the fairways left to do along with top-dressing on all the fairways in September.


We are using a new style blade on the rough mower this week. This new blade is mowing the rough a little lower than the old blades. The new blades are cutting the rough a little lower and giving all the rough a bit of a scalped look to most of the rough. Our current HOC in the rough is 1.5”, which still makes for a very playable rough surface.

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