Course Update - May 9

As our seasonal “snowbird” Members head north for the summer, your Golf Course Maintenance Crew is gearing up for the summer renovation work. We are preparing all of our renovation equipment and giving it a quick test run. We will core, vertical mow, scalp, top dress, and fertilize the tees next week. Then, a week after Memorial Day, we will start the same process on the greens and fairways. Just a reminder, the golf course, practice facilities, and clubhouse will be closed June 5-8 for the greens coring and the start of the fairway coring.

This week, we reshaped many of the cut lines on the greens. It is normal for the cut lines on the greens to shrink in a little over time. We brought the cut lines out a bit on many of the greens. Please see a few sample pictures of this process.

You can also see the results of the Roundup application on #5 tee complex. The turf on the #5 tee complex has started to die off and will receive another Roundup application the second week of May. Please see a picture of the #5 tee complex three weeks post spraying:

All of our turf is in need of our summer cultural practices; it has been the better part of eight months since we have cored and vertical mowed any turf. We also had a very warm winter, which led to more mowing and rolling than normal. May is usually hot and dry and our current May weather pattern has the golf course firm and dry. The playing conditions are ideal right now; the ball is rolling out in the fairways and greens are rolling out very nicely. We do have quite a few “hot spots” throughout the golf course. At this point in the year, the only real cure for the hot spots is coring and vertical mowing along with some much-needed rainfall. I was pleasantly surprised to see 3-4 inch roots on the bottom of a greens plug from #18 green. (See photo.) Normally this time of the year, the roots are very short at 1-2 inches.

We will apply our yearly mole cricket and grub prevention on May 30-31 along with a pre-emergent herbicide application, weather permitting.

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