Course Update - Feb. 7


The overall rounds of golf are up the last two months (December and January) about 20%. It is

great to see all the current and new members out playing golf!

Our high and low temperatures have dropped off in January compared to December. Daily high temperatures have been in the mid-70s with low temperatures in the high-50s. The cooler weather has the turf growing a little slower and has reduced some of our mowing. We have been mowing fairways only two times a week instead of three times. We will skip mowing the rough this week for the first time this winter due to lack of growth.

We will be completing some select trim projects throughout the golf course in some of the native areas. The trim projects will consist mostly of the removal of non-native flora like Brazilian Pepper, Wild Willow, Cassia, Ficus and other material from the native upland areas. We have also

completed a clearing project on the west side of the 11th green. This area was cleared to make more room for our landscape debris that are removed from the golf course.

I feel blessed to work at such a beautiful Golf Club; not a day goes by that I don’t get to see nature up close and personal. Here are a few pictures of some of the native animals that I see routinely. Sandhill cranes are seen on the course on a regular basis pecking and sometimes digging for insects. The cranes will peck for grubs, mole crickets, worms, and any other insect they can find. I have also posted a nice picture of the American Alligator and Bald Eagles.

Friendly Reminders

Divot Repair:

1. Knock in the sides and level.

2. Place sand into the divot (no dumping large pile if not needed).

3. Smooth the sand out so it is level with the level of the ground.

Ball Marks:

Always fix at least 1 ball mark per green.

Cigarette butts:

Please take the time to properly dispose of your Cigarette and Cigar butts in either an ash tray or trash can.

Golf Cart Policy:

All Golf Carts should ride and park on the center of the cart path when provided at all times.

Upcoming Maintenance:

  • February 6 Wall-to-wall fertilizer application

  • February 13 & 27 Top-dressing and fertilizer on greens

  • February 20 Hydro-jet greens

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