Course Update - Jan. 17

With the cooler night and day time temperatures over the last two weeks, the turf’s growth rate has slowed down a little. The greens are a little off color from the cooler weather and the turf throughout the golf course has also slowed down. The greens have been very consistent with speeds in the low- to mid-elevens on the Stimpmeter.

With the cooler weather, the divot and cart traffic recovery has also slowed down. During the winter months it is even more critical to keep golf carts on the paths when provided and to fill your divots correctly (see photo at right).

The Golf Course Maintenance staff has been working on flattening the bottoms of the bunkers the last two weeks. We have completed the front nine green-side bunkers and will continue on the back nine this week. We flatten the bottom of the bunkers by moving sand from the edges of the bunkers to the bottom of the bunker to create a flatter bottom in the bunkers. Once all of the green-side bunkers have been completed, we will start on the fairway bunkers (see photo at right).

Over the past two years, we have completed a great deal of clearing in the upland and wetland areas. Please try to keep your golf cart out of these native areas; these areas are very soft and usually will not support a golf cart. If you drive your cart in these areas, you will either get stuck or make a mess of the sandy area (see photo at right).

Upcoming Maintenance

  • Greens top-dressing: January 16, 30, and February 13

  • Hydro-jetting greens: January 23

  • Wall-to-wall fertilizer application: February 6

  • Bunker bottom maintenance: month of January

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