Course Update - Jan. 3 - Happy New Year!

We continue to be blessed with warm weather as we head into the first week of January.

The average high temperature for December is usually about 75 degrees; the average temperature for this past December was 82 degrees with three days in the 90s. All this great weather has the golf course turf growing at a quick pace.

We don’t usually vertical mow the greens in January, but due to the great growing conditions, the greens needed thinning a little (see photo at right). On Monday, Jan. 2, we double vertical mowed, double-cut, and lightly top-dressed the greens and also applied a low nitrogen fertilizer to the greens. On Wednesday, we will lower the Height of Cut (HOC) from .130” to .125”, double-cut, roll, and apply our weekly nutrient package.

This week, along with our normal routine mowing, which includes mowing the greens every day, we mow tees, approaches and fairways three times a week and the rough gets mowed once a week. We will edge along all of the timbers along the tee and green slopes. We have recently put out signs on the timbers to remind the membership that the timbers get slippery when wet.

We have added divot buckets at the east and west range tees; please use this sand to fill in any divots you make after your practice sessions. Remember, when filling in divots on the range tee or on the golf course, level the area then lightly sand the divot. Never dump a large pile of sand on the divot, more is not better in this case. An under-filled divot will recover faster than an over-filled divot.

January Maintenance

Top-dressing on greens: January 2, 16, 30

Hydro-jetting greens: January 23

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