Course Update - Dec. 13

Our warm weather pattern continues as our daily high temperatures in December have been in the mid-80s. This warm weather pattern has the golf course turf actively growing. We have been fighting some leaf spot on the greens, which is very normal for this time of year. We apply a curative fungicide on the turf to fight off the fungus.

The range tees have been open for about a month, and all of the comments about the range tee project have been very positive. Please take time when using the driving range to make a long, thin divot pattern. This allows the turf to recover and fill in from both sides. If you make a large round or square divot pattern at the range, it will take the turf a long time to fill back in. We will be adding divot buckets to the range tee in the next week or two. Please take time after your practice session to put divot mix in your divot area.

Please also take the time to fill your divot correctly - it should be a three-step step process. After taking the divot, please:

  1. Knock in the sides of the divot and level,

  2. place sand into the divot, and

  3. this is important, level the sand with your foot so there is no mound of sand above the level of the turf.

Our current height of cut (HOC) on the greens is .130”, which is a little higher than 1/8 of an inch. Please make an effort to fix all ball marks on the putting surface that you see during your round. Also, if you make any spike marks on the greens while putting, please take time to tamp them down with your putter. It is legal to tamp spike marks after you have holed your putt.

During the winter months we usually put out rope and stakes for cart directional purposes. Due to the great growing weather, we have not needed to put out many stakes or rope. So please continue to follow our current traffic control near greens (green ball / red ball) and keep your golf cart on the center of the path at all times.

Upcoming Maintenance

Week of December 12 Edging all bunkers

December 19 Hydro-jetting greens

December 19 Top dress and fertilizer on greens

December 19 Wall-to-wall fertilizer application

Week of December 19 #18 tee upland clean-up project

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