Course Update - Nov. 11

We have been mowing the greens with our new John Deere E-Cut Hybrid Greens Mowers for two weeks now. The new John Deere mowers are producing a very smooth and true cut. We lowered the Height of Cut (HOC) on the new mowers to .130 for Thursday’s cut. Our green speed is about 10 feet 6 inches on the Stimpmeter. Our green speed is still slightly lower than I would like for this time of year. We will continue to double-cut the greens daily and roll the greens 3-4 times a week until our average green speed reaches 11 feet on the Stimpmeter. A Stimpmeter is a gauge used to measure green speed.

  • On Monday, Nov. 7 we applied fertilizer on the entire golf course.

  • On Monday, we also lightly top-dressed and applied a potash fertilizer to the greens.

  • We will start to apply our yearly fire ant bait at the end of the week. This process usually takes about a week.

Golf Course Care

  • The greens are soft and it is very important to fix your ball mark and any other you see while you are on the putting surface.

  • Please fill your divot level or slightly lower than the edge of the turf. Remember, no dumping sand in a pile. Knock in the sides of the divot and fill just below the turf line and smooth with your foot.

  • Golf carts should always be in the center of the path -- not half on the path and half off.

  • Please take care to rake out all your foot prints after you have been in the bunkers.

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