Course Update - Oct. 31

The weather last week was very windy and cloudy, which makes for poor turf growing conditions. Bermuda grass needs sunlight to thrive and recover. With the lack of sunlight, the turf’s growth rate slowed down last week. The overall color of the turf is very good, but the growth rate has slowed down due to lack of sunlight.

We have taken delivery of most of our John Deere equipment and will get six Club Car utility vehicles, a spray rig, and new aerify unit next week. As we switch to the new equipment, there will be some transition issues, one being the bunker rake. I attach a floor mat to the back of the bunker rake for a smooth finish in the bunkers. We are still working on the bunker rake to get the finish just like it was with the old machine. We hope to have this resolved later this week.

We will also have some Height of Cut (HOC) matching up issues to resolve (most of these you won’t even notice). But overall, the new equipment is working and cutting “great” and has made our whole operation more efficient.

This week we will lower the greens HOC to .125 for Tuesday’s cut. We will double-cut and roll the greens on Tuesday in preparation for our opening week. We have also backed off on the amount of water we have been putting on the greens. All of the above cultural practices will help with our overall green speed and quality of ball roll.

Last week we finished topping off all of the native cart paths with new crushed rock material. We started hand-mowing small tees last week and will continue this hand-mowing until the spring. As the wind speed drops below 5 to 6 MPH, we will start to apply our yearly ant bait application. Next week we will also apply a wall-to-wall fertilizer / pre-emergent herbicide throughout the golf course.

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