Course Update - Oct. 19

Today marks two weeks since Hurricane Matthew blew past the coast of South Florida. We are just now finishing the cutting and picking up of debris from the storm. The post-storm clean-up work was all done in house with Golf Course Maintenance crew and payroll dollars. This clean-up process has delayed some of our fall projects and routine maintenance work. Below are our current golf course conditions and a list of the projects we will be working on in the upcoming weeks.


Our current HOC (Height of Cut) on the greens is .135”. This is a little high for this time of year. We had to raise up the HOC on the greens after the hurricane because we did not mow the greens for two days during and after the storm. We lowered the HOC on the greens slightly last week and will continue to lower the greens until we get to about .125” which is my goal HOC for the start of the season. Green speed will increase as our HOC is lowered and the temperatures cool down a little. Cooler temperatures are forecasted for this weekend.


Our current HOC on the tees is .600”. The tees are mowed three times a week. The tees were top-dressed the first week of September and last week. We will start walk mowing select small tees next week.


Our HOC on the fairways is .600”. The fairways are mowed two to three times a week depending on the growth rate and the time of year. The fairways, along with the entire golf course, received 1 lb. of nitrogen fertilizer on Monday.


“Roy’s Rough” is very healthy and thick due to the last two fertilizer applications. The green, tee, and fairway bunker slopes are mowed at 1.25” and the rough along the side of the fairway is mowed at 1.5”. We are mowing the slope areas a little tighter to make these rough areas more player-friendly. As the rough’s growth habit slows down in the winter months, we will raise the HOC on the slopes to 1.5” to match the other areas.


We edged the bunkers about a month ago and have recently re-sodded some of the weak sod on the edges of the bunkers. We will increase our bunker raking from 2-3 times a week to 4-5 times a week starting in November. The maintenance staff will also be re-working some of the sand in the bottom of the bunkers in the upcoming month.

Cart Paths

The cart paths were edged a few weeks ago and will be leveled; new crushed rock material will be applied to most of the paths in the next two weeks. We received a great deal of rainfall in August and September – more than 20 inches. This rain has left many of the paths with pot hole areas in them. We will address the pot holes when we freshen up the paths with crushed rock.

The Driving Range

The New Driving Range Tees will open up on Tuesday, Nov. 15. We are putting the finishing touches on the range tees area this week and next. We have a few trees to remove and some construction debris to clean up. We will also top-dress the range tees one more time before they open up.

Golf Course Equipment

We will be taking delivery of our new Golf Course Maintenance Equipment by the middle of November!

Other Golf Course Projects

  • Painting and maintenance of ball washers

  • Painting all fairway and tee stones

  • Painting all red and green directional balls

  • Wall-to-wall ant bait application

  • Wall-to-wall fertilizer application in November and December

  • Native beds, wetlands, and lakes will all be treated for weeds in October and November

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