Course Update - Sept. 14

Our typical wet, late summer weather continues to bring us plenty of rainfall. We received over 10” of rain in August and over 2” so far in September. August and September are traditionally our wettest two months of the year. It is not unusual to receive north of 20 inches of rain in August and September combined.

The wet weather has our turf growing at a quick pace and we are trying to double-cut the rough on at least nine of the 18 holes each week. We time our first fertilizer application with the end of the rainy season, which usually is the end of September.

This week we pencil-tined the greens and will apply over 400 tons of sand to the fairways. After we top-dress the fairways, we will core the fairways for the last time this year. Our first fertilizer application will follow the coring of the fairways; this is scheduled for the week of September 26.

We are edging all of our native cart paths this week. This is a very labor intensive project, which we only perform two to three times per year.

We started to walk-mow our greens three weeks ago in preparation for the US Senior Amateur Qualifier. We usually triplex the greens in the summer and switch back to hand mowing mid-September. Walk mowing is much more labor intensive, but gives the greens a much better quality of cut and is less stress on the turf.

Next week, we will finish up our cart path edging along with finishing up the back driving range cart path. After the cart path is installed, we will be working on the native upland areas around the east range tee and will be installing new bunker sand in the newly constructed bunkers at the new chipping green.

The range tees are scheduled for opening in mid-November.

Our new equipment package is scheduled for delivery on November 15. This package includes 26 new pieces of equipment.

Top-dressing the fairway:

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