Summer Maintenance Update


All greens were cored, washed, top-dressed, and .5 Lb. / Nitrogen applied. The greens were mowed at .130 and rolled on Tuesday; lowered to .125 and rolled Thursday. Most of the core holes have filled in nicely and we will start routine mowing along with additional rolling this week. Next week, we will lightly vertical mow the greens to help smooth and fill in holes.


Tees were treated for nematodes on Tuesday, July 26 and will be cored next Monday, August 8. After coring, the tees will be top-dressed and fertilizer will be applied.


All fairways have been cored and vertically mowed.


All approaches have been cored, vertically mowed, scalped, top-dressed, and fertilized.

Range Tees

The range tees were treated for nematodes on Tuesday July 26. We applied a heavy top dressing to them Thursday. We will core the driving range tees next week.


We will edge all of the bunkers starting at the end of this week and finishing up next week.

Tree Work

The tree service completed the trimming of over 200 trees at the front entrance, clubhouse, and on the golf course. We are grinding about 20 stumps on the golf course today (Aug. 4).

Range Tee Project

The new turf at the driving range is 90-100% grown in. We will continue to top dress the new turf to help level it up. We will also core and roll all areas to get things ready for the fall opening. During the month of September, we will finish up the installation of the new cart path at the east range tee and fill the new bunkers with sand.


July was a very dry month with only .9” of rainfall recorded. We have had two nice showers already this week; rainfall total for August so far is at or above the total for all of July and we are only four days into the month of August.


The rough is currently being mowed at 1.5”. We will slightly scalp down the rough to a HOC between 1” and 1.25”. This process will take a few weeks due to the fact that the rough is very thick and takes 80-90 man hours to complete a mowing cycle. This process is to improve playability and overall turf health.

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