Course Update - July 11

This week we will finish up our last renovation work on our first renovation cycle and core the roughs. Then we will start the process all over again at the end of the month when the golf course and clubhouse closes for two weeks.

The driving range tees and practice area are growing in nicely and are 80-90% grown in.

One issue we have had on the tees the past 12 months is Nematodes.

What are Nematodes? Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms.

As plant parasitic nematodes feed, they damage the root system and reduce the ability of the plant to obtain water and nutrients from the soil. We need to treat all of our tees and the west driving range tee for nematodes.

This treatment will be done when we are closed on Tuesday, July 26.

Due to the Nematode treatment, we will delay the coring and vertical mowing on tees about three weeks.

Our weather over the past 30 days has been hot, with temperatures in the mid to low 90s and dry with very little rainfall.

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