Course Update - June 14

The 2016 summer renovation work is in full swing and going very nicely so far. The coring and vertical mowing work on the tees and greens has now been completed.

Fairway worked started yesterday. We cored and vertical mowed fairways 1-7 (see photos).

This process on the fairways will take the better part of two weeks. On the fairways we core, vertical mow, sweep, and double mow or scalp the fairways.

Grow-in on the driving range tee boxes is also going very nicely. We have mowed the sod on the slopes down to 1.5 inches and have mowed the chipping green collar at .75".

We are a week to ten days away from mowing the sprig areas on the tees and chipping green (see photo).

Next week, along with finishing up the fairway coring and vertical mowing, we will core and vertical mow the approaches.

This next photo shows a finished fairway, after core, vertical mow, sweep and scalp.

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