Course Update - May 18


The greens are vert-cut two to four times each week in May to help remove thatch. We have also increased the nitrogen levels in the greens in May. We are preparing the greens for the June 6 coring. It is important to get the greens healthy prior to the coring so that they handle the coring and recover properly.


The tees were cored with 5/8 inch tines and vert-cut at a medium depth this week. We also scalped the tees down (2X) after coring and vert-cutting. We will apply top dressing on the tees after the second mowing then we will apply an application of fertilizer.


The height of cut (HOC) on the fairways was lowered to .5” in mid-April and they are playing very nicely. The drier spring conditions have the fairways firm and fast. There are a few localized dry spots in the fairways, but overall the conditions are excellent. We will be coring and vert-cutting the fairways the weeks of June 13 and 20.

Driving range Project

The driving range project is moving along very nicely and is on its intended scheduled timetable. We started grassing some of the new practice areas on May 17. Weather permitting, the grassing will be completed by Thursday May 19. We had 3.5” of rainfall on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning and had minimal damage to the newly prepared and planted practice areas.

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