Course Update - April 13

Driving Range Tee Construction Schedule

  • April 7 - first application of herbicide on east tee; east tee was closed until early afternoon that day

  • Week of April 18 - select clearing of large trees on east tee; east tee to be closed during the removal process for safety reasons

  • Week of April 25 - select mowing / clearing of overgrown native material and exotic plants at east tee; east tee closed during this process due to safety reasons

  • Week of April 25 - miscellaneous irrigation work on east tee

  • Week of April 25 - second application of herbicide on east tee and first herbicide application on west tee

  • Week of May 2 - clearing of east tee native area and starting dirt work; east tee closed for rest of the summer

  • Week of May 9 – second application of herbicide on west tee

  • Week of May 16 - coring and vertical mowing of west tee

  • West tee will close just prior to grassing, which is scheduled for the end of May. A temporary range tee will be mowed out just east of the west tee. This temporary tee is where range balls will be hit from during the grow-in period. There will always be somewhere to hit balls at the range during this project.

  • Second, third, and fourth weeks of May - finish dirt work, rough shaping, irrigation; finish shaping then grassing

  • June, July, August and September will be the grown-in period for the new turf


Our greens are a little off color and have some fairy rings in them. This is normal for this time of year for a few reasons. We are pushing the greens for speed and are reducing the amounts of nutrients we apply to the greens. The average speed of our greens the past few weeks is about 11.5 on the stimp meter.

We have applied very little nitrogen fertilizer on the greens over the past month. Again, this is normal for this time of year to help keep the green speed in the mid-11s. We have applied a product to help reduce the fairy rings on the greens.

Our current dry weather pattern has many dry spots throughout the golf course. Our current conditions are very normal for spring time in South Florida. All of our turf throughout the golf course is in need of coring and vertical mowing which we will start in about six weeks with our summer renovation work.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have about the golf course. Thank you again for making Hobe Sound Golf Club a great place to play golf!

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