Information for Guests

If you have been invited to the Club by a member, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines:


  • All guests must be registered with the Golf Shop prior to the start of play.


  • Guests must be neatly dressed in appropriate golfing attire in all areas of the clubhouse, the practice areas, and on the golf course.


  • Hats, when worn, must be worn bill forward.  Hats are not to be worn in the dining room or lounge area of the Club.


  • Denim (including all types and colors of designer jeans and jackets) is not permitted on the golf course and practice areas. Jogging and biking attire, cut-offs, camouflage attire, cargo shorts/pants, frayed shorts, athletic shorts, tennis shorts, tee shirts, tank tops and halter tops are also not permitted.


  • Country Club appropriate designer style denim jeans, full shoe top length, are permitted in the Clubhouse, including the dining and lounge areas. Torn, frayed or faded denim jeans are not appropriate nor allowed.


  • Please do not change shoes in the parking lot – use our locker rooms.


  • Verbal cell phone use is not permitted in the dining areas (including lounge) except in the case of a medical emergency.  While discouraged, verbal calls received while in the dining areas or the Clubhouse can be continued by going on the deck, in the locker rooms, or other outside areas.  


  • Cell phone use is permitted on the golf course, provided members and/or guests use appropriate discretion for courtesy and pace of play toward other people on the golf course.  


  • Cellular devices should be set on silent or vibrate notification while at the Club.