If you play golf, you create divots - it's part of the game.


When you create divots, you should also repair them - that's part of the etiquette of the game.


Repairing your divots ensures that the golfers that follow you have the same level playing surface you had when you started your round.


Here at Hobe Sound Golf Club, our base grass is Bermuda grass.  We do not want you to replace the divot.  We would like you to knock in the sides of the divot with your club and then fill the hole in with sand.  Please do not overfill the hole; fill up the hole slightly lower than the grass line.  The important part is to not overfill or dump the sand on top of the divot.


This may seem like a small detail, but it is very important.  The amount of care in which you repair your divot will determine how fast the grass will grow back.  Everyone needs to do his and her part during their round of golf.  The little details and care of the golf course go a long way.

Proper way to fill a divot.

Improper way to fill a divot.